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Minor update to ENVIS 1.1 (6610)

An update to ENVIS was released. It contains fixes in translations and corrections for recent bugs  for NEMO portable analyers and NOVAR APFCR.
The update can be downloaded here:

NOVAR 2418 - Basic three phase controller with advanced measurement

This PFC builds on an innovated hardware and firmware platform with continual  measurement of all network parameters and energy. It is complete three phase automatic power factor controller combined with precise class 0.5 active energy meter and class 1 reactive energy counter. The APFCR is fully automatic and it has a simple installation. Up to 18 relay outputs controls combinations of single-, two and three-phase compensation capacitors and de-compensation reactors. User interface is a comfortable bright segment LED display.

SMZ 133 - universal panel meter

SMZ 133 - advanced power monitor and datalogger with 512 Mb internal memory, rich selection of programmable inputs and outputs and with advanced communication options.
This panel meter is intended for wide area distribution network monitoring as well as for industrial and building energy efficicency applications. It includes precise electric energy meter - active energy class 0.5, reactive in class 1, with load profile memory. It also records all important electric parameters as well as IO and device status changes, alarms etc.
Mechanically it follows the previous power monitor SMZ 33: it adds precise, continuous evaluation and measurement in accordance with IEC 61557, has larger archive and bigger, high resolution and contrast LCD display.
To find more information please see the official product pages.